How do I export to Facebook (the Facebook option is no longer showing)

Due to changes in Facebook's security policy, we are no longer able to provide a "Facebook" export option that directly uploads from LumaFusion to Facebook without using their SDK (which would add over 50mb to the size of the app as well as possible data sharing that we don't currently feel comfortable with).  

However, it is still possible to export from LumaFusion to Facebook by doing the following (this requires that the Facebook app be installed on your device):

  • For export, select Other App / Airdrop as the destination
  • Select your render settings and continue to export
  • After the rendering is complete, the standard Share Sheet will appear
  • (If Facebook does not appear as an option, tap on the More... button at the end of the list, and turn on Facebook)
  • Tap on the Facebook option in the Share Sheet.  You'll then be able to create a post using your video.

*Note: You are not able to download the Facebook app on MacBooks. The workaround to this would be to save the media to your device and upload it to Facebook from the site itself.

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