I get an error connecting to my RavPower FileHub Plus

LumaFusion is unable to connect to the FileHub Plus when no password is set.  We hope to resolve this in a future update.  LumaFusion can work with the FileHub Plus if you set a password for the admin user as follows.

1. Connect to the FileHubPlus-XXXX network from your iPhone/iPad as usual

2. Open Safari and connect to  You should see the following login screen for the FileHub Plus

3. Press login (the password is currently blank so you shouldn't need to enter it)

4. Tap on the Settings icon at the bottom right

5. Tap on User Manager on the left side

6. Tap on the admin user from the list (you should see admin and Guest)

7. Select and type in a simple password in the Password and Confirm Password fields, then press Save.

8. Run LumaFusion, select Import Media, Wireless/Network Drive, the RP-WD03 server, and login with admin for the user_id and your new password.  You should now be able to access your media normally for both import and export.

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