Where is the royalty-free music that used to be included in LumaFusion

LumaFusion has replaced the previous royalty-free music that was included in the app with a selection of free videos, music and sound effects from  Storyblocks for LumaFusion. We've included more free music, sound effects and video than ever (the full Storyblocks for LumaFusion content library with hundreds of thousands of clips including new content every day is available through purchase of an in-app subscription).  

For those users who would still like to use our original royalty-free content, it is available for download. 

Click here to download a zip file containing the music

If you use this link from Safari on your iPad or iPhone...

1.) Solution 1 (With the Dropbox App Installed):

- Tap on the Link Above

- The Dropbox app will open up

- Tap on the the Three Dot icon > Tap "Export"

- Swipe to the right of the Apps listed in the share sheet, until you see "More" at the end

- Another Pop-up will appear titled "Apps" > Scroll down to "Copy to LumaFusion"

- LumaFusion will open up > Navigate to Sources > Imported > The media will be in a folder called "Other App"

2.) Solution 2 (Download to the iOS Files app):

- Touch and Hold Link the Above 

- A pop-up with options will appear > Wait until you see the option to "Download" > Tap "Download"

- The file will be sent to the "Downloads" folder in the iOS Files app

- Navigate to the Files app > Downloads > Tap and Hold the zip file > a pop-up will appear > Select "Uncompress"

- The folder with all the music is now on your device. You can now organize this media into a folder of your own

- To access the media in LumaFusion, navigate to Sources > Files > tap on Add Link to Folder (This will open up the iOS Files app) > Navigate to the folder with your Royalty Free Music > Tap on that folder

- You media is now available in LumaFusion (Sources > Files)

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