I'm getting a copyright or monetization claim on Storyblocks content I'm using in my video

This can occur when Youtube (or another site's) automated routines incorrectly determine that a Storyblocks music clip is the same as another clip (music clips are often similar when using the same instruments and loops from the same music software).  If you get a copyright notice from a website, please send the following information to us at support@luma-touch.com

1. Link to your video on Youtube (or other site)

2. The name of of the claimant (this is usually in the notice you receive)

3. The exact name of the clip from Storyblocks, or the SB-ID (this is shown in the Info panel in LumaFusion - select the clip in the timeline, open the Clip Toolbox, and tap on Info).

We will work with Storyblocks to get the claim removed.

For more information on why these claims occur, here is an article from Storyblocks: https://www.google.com/amp/s/blog.storyblocks.com/storyblocks-features/youtube-content-id-claims-stock-audio/amp/

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