How Can I Import Live Photos

One of our users shared this tip for adding the movie portion of Live Photos to LumaFusion. You must be on a device that supports this feature (you'll see the Effects selections below):

  1. In photos, swipe up on a Live Photo to reveal the Effects selections (Live, Loop, Bounce, Long Exposure)
  2. Choose Loop (Don't worry this choice doesn't make an infinite loop movie!)
  3. Tap on the share icon
  4. Tap on Save to Files (Most other share methods including Share to LumaFusion or Copy to LumaFusion get the image file and not the movie)
  5. Tap On My iPad (You should see 1 Video Selected at the Top)
  6. Tap On LumaFusion
  7. Tap on UserMedia and Select a Folder to save the Live Photo Movie
  8. Tap Add!

The clip will now be available in LumaFusion.

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