What are the keyboard shortcuts in LumaFusion?

Keyboard shortcuts are available for iPad and iPhone keyboards. If you are on an iPad, press-and-hold the Cmd key to get a list of keyboard shortcuts. There are multiple pages of shortcuts, so swipe left and right to see them all. 

Note: The ^ key listed on-screen is referring to the Ctrl key. If you're using a LumaFusion keyboard overlay from Editors Keys, the Option button will instead be Alt.

If you are on an iPhone the list does not appear on-screen. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for both iPad and iPhone.

Timeline Editor Shortcuts:

Cmd-B  Split clips (splits single clip if selected, otherwise all clips at current time)
Cmd-X  Delete selected clip
Cmd-=  Zoom In
Cmd -  Zoom Out
C   Select clip at current time
option-V Add Voiceover
option-T Add transition
option-K Add Blank Clip
option-M Add Main Title
option-O Add Overlay Title

Shortcuts when a Clip is Selected on the Timeline:

Option-[  Trim clip start
Option-]  Trim clip end
Option-I  Clip Info
Option-S  Slip Trim
Option-C  Clone Clip
Option-D  Detach Audio
Option-L  Link/Unlink
Option-P  Show presets
Option-A  Attributes clipboard
Option-B  Edit Clip

Timeline Preview Shortcuts:

Space Play/Pause
Play from Start
Up-Arrow  Jump to previous cut
Down-Arrow  Jump to next cut
Left-Arrow  Step one frame backward
Right-Arrow  Step one frame forward
Shift-Left-Arrow Step 10 frames backward
Shift-Right-Arrow  Step 10 frames forward
Shift - { Jump to beginning of timeline
Shift - } Jump to end of timeline
K Stop playback
Play forward (press again to play 2x speed)
Cmd-Z Undo
Cmd-Shift-Z  Redo

To Open Clip Editors

Fit & Frame
2 Speed Tool
3 Stabilize Tool
4 Audio Tool
Color & Effects Tool
6 Title

Inside Clip Editors

Space Play/Pause
\ Play from Mark-In
Up-Arrow Jump to previous mark
Down-Arrow Jump to next mark
Left-Arrow Step one frame backward
Right-Arrow Step one frame forward
Shift-Left-Arrow Step 10 frames backward
Shift-Right-Arrow Step 10 frames forward
Ctrl-Left-Arrow Jump to start of clip
Ctrl-Right-Arrow Jump to end of clip
Play reverse (press again to play 2x speed reverse)
K Stop playback
Play forward (press again to play 2x speed)
Cmd-Z Undo
Cmd-Shift-Z Redo

Insert To Timeline When Library Media Is Selected

Q Overlay to Main Track
W Insert to Main Track

Overwrite to Main Track

Numeric Keypad

Backspace                Delete
Plus Operator           +
Minus Operator        -
Multiply Operator     x
Divide Operator.      /
Nudge Down.          <
Nudge Up                >
Load First Saved Value        A
Load Second Saved Value   S
Load Third Saved Value       D
Load Fourth Saved Value     F
Save to First Slot                 option A
Save to Second Slot            option S
Save to Third Slot                option D
Save to Fourth Slot              option F
Additive Inverse.                  Z
Close Editor                         \
Enter Value                          Return

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