Panning mono audio in LumaFusion

This article was written after LumaFusion 2.0.3 release

What to Do if You Have Shot Video with Mono Audio and Want to Pan Left/Right

In this article I want to discuss a workflow in which you would (unknowingly or knowingly) create video clips that contain mono audio and then want to pan the audio left or right in LumaFusion.

LumaFusion treats stereo audio differently from mono audio. Stereo audio clips can be panned left or right in the audio FX panel; mono audio clips cannot be panned—meaning that you will always hear that audio through both left and right speakers equally. This limitation can easily be overcome.

Place all your video clips with mono audio onto a new timeline, then Optimize your project. The optimizing process with turn the clips into stereo allowing you to pan the audio.

It would be good to know how you can avoid this situation to begin with. Lets look at this workflow:

Shooting Video on an iPhone with FiLMiC Pro

The FiLMiC Pro camera app will record either stereo or mono audio, dependent on the device being used and what mics are being used.

For example, with an iPhone XS, using the built-in mics, FiLMiC Pro recordings will be stereo (you will see a stereo audio meter). The recording is stereo despite using only a single mic. In this case, you won't have any issues panning the audio.

With an iPhone 8 using the built-in mics, FiLMiC Pro recordings will be mono (you will see a mono audio meter), and as previously stated cannot be panned in LumaFusion. But there is a way to create stereo recordings using FiLMiC on an iPhone 8.

Attach a stereo mic or stereo audio adaptor to the lightning connector of the phone. In the FiLMiC Pro app select the mic or adaptor as your sound source. Now when you record video, they will record in stereo (and you'll also see a stereo audio meter).

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