What are the correct settings for creating App Store preview videos with LumaFusion?

LumaFusion 2.1.0 is designed to easily let you create App Store Preview videos. It has all of the aspect ratios and resolutions needed for App Store Previews and lets you work with screen recordings made on any devices.  

Apple provides specifications for App Store Preview videos here: https://help.apple.com/app-store-connect/#/dev4e413fcb8

At a minimum, you can provide previews at the following aspect ratios and resolutions:

  •  New iPhones with notches, use 19.5:9 aspect ratio (or 9:19.5 for portrait), and export at 1920x886 or 886x1920 (note that screen recordings from Max phones are 888x1920, but LumaFusion will export at 886 for proper App Store previews)
  • 5.5" iPhones, use 16:9 (or 9:16) aspect ratio, and export at 1920x1080 or 1080x1920
  • iPads, use 4:3 (or 3:4) aspect ratio and export at 1600x1200 (or 1200x1600)

If you want to provide all formats, you can also:

  • 4.7" iPhones, use 16:9 (or 19:16) aspect ratio, and export at 1334x750 (or 750x1334)
  • 11" iPad Pro, use 4.3:3 (or 3:4.3) and export at 1600x1200 (or 1200x1600).  Note that the iPad Pro uses a slightly different aspect ratio (4.3:3 or 1.43 to 1) than other iPads, but the preview is still expected at (4:3) for the App Store preview.  LumaFusion correctly provides a 1600x1200 (4:3) export resolution when using the 4.3:3 aspect ratio).

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