I get a 401 error when trying to upload to Youtube

This generally means that you have not created a Channel for your Youtube account. 

  • To create a Channel, log in to Youtube through a web browser, and click on your Profile icon at the top-right, then select Create a Channel and follow the instructions to create your channel.

If you continue to receive this error after you've created a channel, you should try signing out and back in.  

  • To sign out of Youtube, tap on Share, select Movie, and select Youtube.
  • When then Settings popup appears, you'll see a sign-out (power) icon at the bottom-right. Tap that icon and you'll be taken through sign-on again.keith.bubach@luma-touch.comIf you continue to receive this error after creating your channel and signing out and back in, please contact us at support@luma-touch.com

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