Known Issues in LumaFusion 2.3.1

The following is a list of commonly encountered known issues in the current version of LumaFusion 2.3.1

Keyboard shortcuts are not working on certain language keyboards when they're set for English language input

In version 2.3.1, we remapped all of the shortcut keys to work properly in the native-language input mode for each keyboard, but we inadvertantly made it so keyboard shortcuts don't work properly when those keyboards are set for English input.  We will fix this issue in our 2.3.2 update. In the meantime, if you can change your input language temporarily to the native language of the keyboard, you will be able to use the LumaFusion shortcut keys.

Error 403 when uploading to Youtube

This is due to quota limits put in place by Youtube and the overwhelming use of LumaFusion to upload to Youtube. We have requested another increase in quota, and are hoping to have that in place within days to eliminate these issues. In the meantime, if you upload earlier in the day you may avoid these issues, or you can simply save to 'Files', and then use Safari to upload the file directly from the Youtube website.  

The Edit Clip (pencil) button is not appearing on my iPhone

Due to the addition of multi-select, we removed the edit clip button from the toolbar when the phone is in portrait orientation. You can simply double-tap on a clip to get the same functionality, or rotate your device sideways to make the pencil icon to appear.  We are adjusting the button sizes to re-introduce the edit clip button in portrait in our 2.3.2 update coming soon (note that iPhone SE 1st gen models, there is not enough room for the pencil icon even at the smaller size, so you should use one of the alternative methods to open the clip editor).

The Export button is not appearing on my iPhone SE (1st generation with 4" screen)

Due to the addition of multi-select, we removed the export button when the iPhone SE is in portrait orientation.  You can get to the export option by either opening the Project manager, or by rotating your iPhone to landscape.

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