Why is LumaFusion still taking up storage even after I have deleted projects and cleaned up my media? (iOS)

The most efficient way to manage your media is within the LumaFusion app. You can delete your media using these two methods:

  1. via the Cleanup options in the Help and Settings menu
  2. via the media library for the deletion of imported media

If you use this method for deleting media, the iPad or iPhone will always return the freed up storage space.

Occasionally, we get reports from customers stating that they have deleted video and audio assets from LumaFusion, but they do not get the storage space back on their device.

This situation usually arises from deleting media using the Files App. In order to avoid this situation we recommend deleting media using the Cleanup options found in the Help and Settings panel of LumaFusion. 

If you delete media from the UserMedia folder—On My iPad>LumaFusion>User Media available storage may not be reduced. This is due to a hidden trash folder.

In order to fully delete the media found in the UserMedia folder, follow these steps:

  • Download the iOS storage device manager app called iMazing to a Mac computer (The iMazing app has limited functions unless purchased. However, the following action can be done with the trial version.)
  • Connect your iPad to the Mac computer
  • Open up the iMazing app
  • Go to the LumaFusion App folder (By default you will not see the hidden trash folder)
  • Right click to find the option: Show hidden folders and files. Click on it.

A folder called .Trash will appear in the list of folders

Within the .Trash folder you will see folders leading to your User Media, select these files and select delete. (Do not delete the root .Trash folder)

  • Disconnect you iPad and return to the iOS files app and you should see that your storage is restored.

To see how much storage is being used by LumaFusion go to:

Settings>General>iPad Storage>LumaFusion. (We strongly recommend NOT deleting media from the Document list found here.)

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