Is External Drive Editing possible on a device that has a lightning port?

With the release of LumaFusion 3.0 we have implemented a feature for iPads with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports that allows you to edit your video directly from an attached SSD (Solid State Drive). This allows you to edit even if you have limited space on your device.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to implement External Drive Editing on iPhones or iPads that have Lightning ports. It is technically possible to connect an external SSD to an iPhone or iPad with a Lightning port and be able to access media. However, when media is placed on the timeline it will be downloaded to internal storage automatically as in previous versions of LumaFusion.

The performance of even the fastest SSD is limited by the bandwidth of the Lightning port. In our testing, we found that although you can play a video clip from the SSD in the Preview window, it is not possible to play video clips on a timeline smoothly enough to allow for a good editing experience.

For information on how to connect an SSD to your iPhone or iPad with lightning port look here:

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