How do I delete media I've previously imported

Media that you've imported directly into LumaFusion (this media appears in the Imported section of the Library) can be deleted from LumaFusion if it's not in use in a project, or using the Files app (see below)

Deleting Unused Media From LumaFusion 

  • Tap on the media item in the Library.  The source viewer will appear.
  • Tap on the Info> button at the bottom of the source viewer
  • Tap on the trash can icon to delete the clip.  If the trash can is disabled, this means the media is in-use in a project (usually indicated by a checkmark next to the media in the library).  If you're sure the media is not being used, try switching to a different project, then try deleting the media again.
  • You can select multiple media items by tapping on the check mark after selecting the first item, then select additional items, and tap the trash can to delete all of the selected items.

Deleting Media Using the Files App

With iOS 11 and later, you can also delete media using the Files app.  

  • Tap on the On My iPad/iPhone section in Files, then on the LumaFusion folder.  
  • Media is contained within the UserMedia folder in LumaFusion.  You can also delete reversed clips from the ReverseMedia folder.
  • When you delete media through Files, there is nothing to stop you from deleting media that is used in your projects, so please use extreme caution when deleting files this way.
  • Also, note that files deleted in this way will be moved to the Recently Deleted folder in the Files app.  To fully free up the space they use, you'll need to select them again in the Recently Deleted folder and select Delete to eliminate them entirely and free up the storage on your device.

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