My audio is out-of-sync with the video (during playback or export)

We have resolved a number of issues with audio sync in the latest version of LumaFusion, however if you are still encountering sync issues.

  • Check the frame-rate of your project. Change it to match the majority of video clips in your project (you can see a video clip's frame rate by selecting it, opening the clip tools, and tapping on Info).
  • Try changing the export audio sample rate and see if that resolves the sync issue

If that does not resolve the problem, please try the new Optimize and Consolidate Media function, which duplicates your project and optimizes media. For many users this has resolved audio sync issues.

  • Tap on the Project Manager icon at the top-left of the preview to open the Project Manager
  • Tap on the Optimize and Consolidate Media (Funnel) icon at the bottom of the project manager.
  • After Optimize and Consolidation is completed, try exporting the duplicated project (appended with "opt") again to see if the sync issues are resolved. 

If the problem still occurs, please contact us at

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