How do I de-squeeze footage shot with the Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens?

If you have footage that isn't already de-squeezed by the camera app (ie: FiLMiC Pro), then you can easily de-squeeze it in LumaFusion.

You'll create your project with 2.36:1 aspect ratio (which is the fully de-squeezed aspect ratio). 

When you add a squeezed clip to the timeline, you can double-tap on it, and change the Fit Mode to Stretch in the Frame & Fit editor.  This will de-squeeze the 16:9 footage to 2.36:1 filling the frame.

If you're primarily adding squeezed footage to the timeline, you can tap on the Help/Settings icon, select Global Settings, and change the Default Fit Mode to Stretch so that clips will be de-squeezed by default when they are added to the timeline.

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