I'm getting an error or crash when exporting my movie

For many users, the latest LumaFusion update has resolved export issues, however users will occasionally still experience issues.

If the error message shows an 'Error at Time: ' message, you should write down that time.  This may provide a good indication of where the problem is in the project. Often in this case, there may be a clip just before the time where the failure occurred with bad media, or a transition or effect that might be contributing to the problem

If you are getting errors during export, please check the following:

- Make sure you have updated to the latest iOS version. 
- If you're exporting at 4k or 60fps, try exporting again at 1080p and 30fps and see if the export succeeds.  We have seen projects that won't export at 4k/60fps but will export at 30fps or lower resolution.  
- Try exporting at a different frame rate. For example, instead of 30fps, try exporting 29.97fps and see if that resolves the issue.
- Try exporting at a different audio sample rate (44KHz or 48KHz)
- If you've adjusted the speed of clips in your project, try opening the Speed editor for one of those clips, and un-check the 'Maintain Audio Pitch' option, then export again.

NOTE: ‘Maintain Audio Pitch’ when switched ON or OFF, will affect any clip with a speed change on that particular track.  Please make sure that you switch ‘Maintain Audio Pitch’ OFF for every track.

- Check your transitions for the not-enough-media icons (the A or B icon).  In some cases we've found that transitions that don't have enough media can cause export issues.
- If you are using the Zoom Blur transition in your project along with speed adjusted clips, we have found that this may cause problems in some cases. Try replacing your Zoom Blur transitions with a Cross Dissolve.
- Sometimes specific footage in a project can cause problems.  Check for footage that comes from a different source than the rest (maybe something you downloaded from a site), try removing it and see if that solves the export issue. 
- Make sure you have plenty of storage space available on your iPhone or iPad (in the 'Settings' app, go to 'General', 'iPhone or iPad Storage'). 
- Try closing all apps (double-click on the Home button and swipe up on each screenshot), then power off then back on your iPhone or iPad. After restart, try the export again. This has resolved the issue for some users.
- If you haven't already done so, try the 'Optimize & Consolidate' function. In LumaFusion open the 'Project Manager', and tap on the Funnel icon.  Select 'Optimize and Consolidate'. This will duplicate your project and optimize the media in the duplicate project, and may resolve some export hangs or issues.

- Try creating a simple project with one or two clips, and export at 1080p, with the Economy quality setting. If even that doesn't work, we recommend closing all background apps, and restarting your iPhone or iPad. 

If you're still unable to export, please contact us at support@luma-touch.com

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