I can't access my WD MyPassport WirelessPro drive

This note applies to LumaFusion version

With the new integration of WD SSD and WD HD MyPassport WirelessPro into LumaFusion we have noticed that some customers are running into issues trying to access their drive.

This problem is most likely caused by having a password set on the drive.  You will have to de-activate the password using a web browser.  Here is how to do this:

Ensure that your iPad or iPhone’s wifi is set to the WD drive, then open a web-browser

Type in this URL:

When you see the 'MyPassport' screen tap on 'Admin'.

Find the button next to 'Settings Password' that is ON, tap on the button to turn the password OFF.

You should now be able to access your WD drive in LumaFusion. 

We will be fixing this issue in a future update

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