How can I connect to a network (SMB) drive from LumaFusion? (iOS)

With LumaFusion 2.1.0 and iOS 13, you can access media from a network server directly in LumaFusion's library (previously in LumaFusion you could only import media from an SMB drive using the Import dialog, and there you couldn't see thumbnails or previews). 

IMPORTANT: With iOS 14, you must make sure you give LumaFusion access to Local Network resources for this to work properly.  In the iOS Settings app, search for LumaFusion, and then make sure Local Network is turned On.

To setup a connection to a network server, you'll use the Files app.  Here are the steps:

  • In the Files app, tap on the ... button in the Browse section and select Connect to Server

  • Type in the name or address of the server you are trying to connect to

  • Select either guest or registered user. If you select registered user, you must enter a valid userid and password for the network server you're connecting to

  • Once you've connected, you'll see the network server listed under Shared in the Browse area and can browse and manage it's contents in the Files app

  • Now return to LumaFusion, and select the Files source in the Library, and tap on Add Link To Folder.  

  • From the Folder selector, select one of the shares on the network server or any folder within a share, and tap Done.  You cannot select the server itself in LumaFusion but you can individually add each share that you have access to.

  • You can now browse, preview and drag media directly from a network drive into your LumaFusion timeline.

  • To export a movie or Project Archive to your network drive, select the Files destination for export. When the movie is written, the system folder selector will appear and you can select the Share or Folder on your network server that you wish to write to.

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