How can I reduce the amount of storage LumaFusion is using? (iOS)

While the LumaFusion app is surprisingly small for the amount of functionality it provides, it can over time use a large amount of storage for media in your projects.  Here are some ways to reduce the storage LumaFusion is using:

Backup Older Projects and Delete Their Imported Media

  • If you have projects that you are no longer working with, first use the Export->LumaFusion Project Package to backup those projects to some external location (cloud storage, external drive, etc).  This way you'll have all of the media and the timeline if you ever need them in the future.
  • In the Imported library, select any clips that are no longer in use and tap on the Delete button.  These files will be deleted immediately.

Cleanup Options in the Help-Settings Menu

  • Automatic Cache Cleanup: This will make sure that media that is downloaded automatically is deleted when no longer used.
  • Cleanup Temporary Files: This function is automatically performed when the app is started)
  • Select Cleanup Unused Cached Media: This will cleanup any media that is not in use, but was not cleaned up automatically.
  • Cleanup All Cached Media: This will remove all of the automatically downloaded media.  Whenever you open a project that uses this media, LumaFusion will automatically try to download it again. Note that if the source of the media (ie: an external drive or internet-based service) is no longer available, then the project may indicate missing media. If you're not sure the media is still available for LumaFusion to re-download, then you should not use this option.

Important Note About 'System Data' on your iPad or iPhone

After deleting files, you may find that while LumaFusion's storage use is reduced, that the System Data category has increased by the same amount. This indicates that iOS itself is holding on to that storage space rather than releasing it immediately.  iOS will free up this space as needed, but you may see warnings in LumaFusion that there is not enough space available. To free up this System Data immediately, you will need to shutdown and restart your iPad or iPhone.  

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