How do I set up Family Sharing so that I can let my family use LumaFusion? (iOS)

With Family Sharing, you are able to share your purchase of LumaFusion with up to five members of your household that use a different Apple ID. 

To set up Family Sharing on your device:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select your Apple ID
  3. Select Family Sharing
  4. Select Add Member
  5. Select Invite People (Alternatively, you can select Create an Account for a Child)
  6. Select the delivery method for your Family Invitation.

Once the family member accepts the invitation, They are now able to access your purchased version of LumaFusion for download. To do this, have them do the following:

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Select the Account page
  3. Select Purchased
  4. ****Under Family Purchases, select your account
  5. Find LumaFusion and select the Download button.

If you are experiencing issues with Family Sharing, we suggest contacting Apple support since this is an iOS feature. You can find out more about Family Sharing in the Apple support page here.

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