What are audio unit plug in effects (AUv3) and how do I use them? (iOS)

What is an AUv3?

Third Party Audio Unit (AUv3) plugins are audio effects and processing tools created by other developers that can be “plugged in” to compatible apps. Once they are installed and opened in LumaFusion, you will have access to each audio unit’s graphical UI to control the effect. Since audio units are made by other developers, we have very limited control over how they behave inside LumaFusion.

Using AUv3 plugins with Mono audio clips

We've found that performance issues, like crashes, can occur when applying audio units to Mono audio clips. The current workaround is to place the audio clip in an individual project, then Optimize and Consolidate the project, which will convert the clip to Stereo. You can find the optimized clip in the Imported library, which you can then import to your project and apply audio units to.

Audio Plugins on Apple silicon Macs

You can use audio plugins in the Mac version of LumaFusion. However, they must come from the App Store, as computer-based audio plugins from external sites will not work in LumaFusion.

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