What's new in 3.0?

We've released a bunch of new features and updates for version 3.0, including:
  • Video stabilization. The award-winning Lock & Load video stabilization technology from CoreMelt is fully integrated in the new Stabilizer tool in the clip editor.
  • External drive editing. Media is now accessed directly from external drives in the Files library source on iPads with USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports. This feature can be turned off in Preferences if required, allowing files to be copied into LumaFusion when external drives are used.
  • Direct external drive export. Export directly to a compatible external drive without first writing to internal storage using the Files destination. Available on USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 iPads.
  • Graphic Equalizer. With the beautiful new graphic audio EQ, it's easy to tune the frequencies in your project's audio clips.
  • Third-party audio units. Add and organize AUv3 plugins in the Audio Tool. LumaFusion supports editing parameters both in third-party custom UI and in our control stack.
  • Numeric keypad for sliders and rotation controls. Tap on the pencil button to use the new numeric keypad to input exact values. The nudge buttons have been moved to the numeric keypad.
  • Resizable UI. Press-and-hold, then drag the Resize Handle to adjust the Preview, Library, and Timeline to get exactly the workspace you want in each layout.


  • Press-and-hold on the Send-to-Timeline button (or use keyboard equivalents) to insert-to-main, overwrite-to-main, or place-on-secondary tracks.
  • Selection in Library and Timeline are now separate. Library selection now shows selected items with white border and currently previewed item with a yellow border.
  • Improved user interface styling
  • Quicker response when searching Storyblocks
  • Import/export sources have been simplified. Use 'iOS Share and AirDrop' for most iOS destinations (Files app, iCloud Drive, other app, AirDrop). Use the Files source/destination to link to specific folders to allow for direct import and export of your media.
  • FCPXML export adds markers to indicate unsupported features.
  • Improved stability and performance

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