Can I use External Drive Editing to create space by moving existing projects off my device?

At this time, the answer is No.

If you have already started a project on the device itself, there is no convenient way to move media to an external drive and relink it to the project in LumaFusion. We highly recommend keeping projects started on your device, on your device. Use the 3.0 external SSD editing feature for starting new projects.

You can export a LumaFusion Project Package to an external drive to work on in the future. When you restore a project, even if you are restoring a project from an SSD drive, all the media associated with the project will be downloaded onto your device.

We will be developing more functionality to use SSD drives with LumaFusion in the future.

The External Drive Editing function works best with SSDs at 1050 Mbps or higher read speeds and only works with USB-C or a Thunderbolt connection.

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