What's New (Android)

Version 1.64.0


  • Frame&Fit live thumbnails. 


  • Update spacing and styling of transitions to match iOS 4.0 version.
  • Channels should be available in the audio and effect editor when the 'Use Audio Track' option appears. 


  • Some of the keyboard shortcuts are not working with the build.
  • Playback icon stuck in "Pause" condition.
  • The gain resets for Audio Track ID 1 when tapping on different Audio Tracks. 
  • Audio ducking: clarification needed. 
  • Unable to add overlay title till blank clip appear on main track. 
  • Front facing camera shots are not displayed on the timeline correctly. 
  • Unable to add an overlay title if there is a clip on the overlay track and nothing on the main track.
  • App crashes when adding a video or importing a project.
  • Audio interruptions when playing a specific clip on Samsung TABS 8. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts list: shortcut keys are not de-activated when entering text into search field.
  • Source clips: navigator preview is not updated after jumping to another clip from the library.
  • There's a crash on editing Audio:Configuration.
  • Pan and Gain effects stop working after reset GEQ effects.

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