How do I log out of YouTube in LumaFusion? (iOS/Android/ChromeOS)

There might be several reasons for wanting to sign out of the linked YouTube channel in LumaFusion, and there are multiple ways of accomplishing this.

  1. Reset the app to default settings. This can be done in the Help and Settings menu, under the Cleanup tab. However, doing this will also reset other settings in LumaFusion, including:
    • Anything that's been changed in the Settings and Preferences such as Clip Defaults, New Project Defaults and User Interface preferences.
    • Flags for anything that is only shown once such as, 'Do you want to watch a tutorial video?'
    • Any login/passwords to any sources/destinations (Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Vimeo etc). After reset, you will have to login again to any sources/destinations you use.
    • Other user defaults that are not in settings, such as the Library view default (List View vs Thumbnail View vs Auto), Current UI layout, Last voiceover settings, your organization of Sources, Destinations and Audio Plugins from the Add/Remove panels.
  2. Select the button at the bottom-right corner of the Movie Info (YouTube) export menu. This will be the best method if the desire is to only sign out of YouTube without any other settings being affected.

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