How do I create an audio fade?

There are a number of ways to create audio fades in LumaFusion:

1. You can create a simple audio fade by adding the CrossDissolve transition to an audio clip. Add the transition to the start of the clip will create a fade-up.  Adding the transition to the end of the clip will create a fade-down, and of course adding the transition between two clips creates a cross-fade. 

2. You can also use the Video Cut / Audio Crossfade transition when fading between two video clips.

3. You can also keyframe audio levels.
- Open the clip by double tapping on it.  It will open into the effects editors.
- Tap on the audio tab.
- Tap on the 'add keyframes' button on the left and below the scrub bar.
- Use the volume slider on the right to adjust the audio level.

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