How do I imports LUTs (.cube and .3dl files) into LumaFusion? (iOS/Android/ChromeOS)

NOTE: LUTs exported from Affinity Photo in .cube format have the red and blue channels reversed. While we normally recommend using .cube files, for Affinity Photo we currently recommend using .3dl files to create LUTs for use in LumaFusion.

  1. Double-tap on any video/photo clip on the timeline to open it into the Clip Editor
  2. Select the Color & Effects tab at the bottom
  3. Select the Import button under the presets library

If the LUT you are trying to import is greyed out, this is usually caused by another app registering .cube or .3dl files using a different "uniform identifier" (unfortunately there isn't a clear standard for these file types, so companies choose their own).

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