How to I imports LUTs (.cube and .3dl files) into LumaFusion

IMPORTANT: We have found that users with Videograde installed are unable to import .cube LUTs into LumaFusion (due to a difference in how the two apps identify .cube files which conflict with each other).  We will resolve this in an upcoming update.  In the meantime, the only workarounds are to use only .3dl LUTs or to uninstall Videograde temporarily when importing LUTs into LumaFusion.

LUTs currently need to be imported from the LumaFX clip editor.  

  • Double-tap on any video/photo clip in the timeline to open the LumaFX UI
  • Tap on the Color & Effects tool at the bottom of the LumaFX UI
  • You'll find the import button just below the library of effect presets (see image).

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