How do I resolve performance issues with my action camera? (iOS)

We've seen in some cases that iOS doesn't like the formatting of some action cameras and drone footage, which can cause import and playback issues. We have a couple of options that should help resolve these issues.

Playback issues

If you are having playback issues, one thing to try is to Optimize and Consolidate your project. This option assures that all media in your project is encoded correctly for IOS at the highest possible quality that your device supports.

  1. Open the Project Manager
  2. Make sure your project is highlighted and tap on the Optimize button (Funnel icon)
  3. Select Optimize and Consolidate - this will make a duplicate of your project and optimize the media on the duplicate project, leaving your original project and media unchanged.

Importing issues

If you are having importing issues we would suggest transcoding the footage in a media converter, like *Handbrake. Putting the media through a media converter first, corrects the problem.

Handbrake can produce files that work very well with IOS and LumaFusion. The settings we would recommend for Handbrake are:

  • Format: MP4 fileVideo Encoder:
  • H.264 (x264)Constant Quality:
  • RF:22
  • Frame rate: Same as source (constant frame rate selected)

Encoder Options:

  • Preset: Medium
  • Tune: None
  • Profile: Main
  • Level: 3.1

Additional Options: keyint=60. You'll need to type in the keyint=60 into the Additional Options text field. The actual value should be around 2 times the frame rate of the video (so, keyint=50 for a 25fps file). This will create a keyframe every 2 seconds, making seeking much better on iOS and in LumaFusion.

Handbrake settings for GoPro/DJI media

*Handbrake is a free, open source video transcoder that can be downloaded for the Mac. Handbrake is not compatible with iOS devices.

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