How do I resolve performance issues with my action camera? (iOS)

We've found in some instances that iOS can have difficulties with decoding certain action camera and drone footage, which can cause import and playback issues in LumaFusion. We recommend the following solutions if this should occur:

Playback issues

If you are having playback issues, one thing to try is to Optimize and Consolidate your project. This option assures that all media in your project is encoded correctly for iOS at the highest possible quality that your device supports. You can find instructions in the official reference guide page here.

Importing issues

If you are having importing issues we would suggest transcoding the footage in a media converter. If you have access to a computer, we recommend the free video converter Handbrake, and to use our recommend settings listed in this FAQ: How can I convert incompatible media to use in LumaFusion? (iOS)

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