How can I convert incompatible media to use in LumaFusion? (iOS)

If you have access to a computer, Handbrake is a free video conversation application that can convert a wide variety of video formats to .mp4 files compatible with LumaFusion. The Handbrake settings we recommend when converting files to edit in LumaFusion are:

Format: MP4 file

Video Encoder: H.264 (x264)
Constant Quality: RF:22
Framerate: Same as source (constant frame rate selected)

Encoder Options:
Preset: Medium
Tune: None
Profile: Main or High
Level: 3.1
Additional Options:  keyint=60

You'll need to type in the  keyint=60 into the Additional Options text field. The actual value should be around 2 times the frame rate of the video (so, keyint=50 for a 25fps file). This will create a keyframe every 2 seconds, making seeking much better on iOS and in LumaFusion. You could also set to around 1 second (keyint=30 or keyint=25) for even better seeking, but it seems have diminishing returns and a larger file size.

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