Converting incompatible videos to import into LumaFusion

Handbrake is a free app on Windows and Mac that can convert a wide variety of video formats to .mp4 files compatible with LumaFusion. However, we've found that the files it produces by default are not great for seeking through in the LumaFusion editor. However with an additional option, Handbrake can produce files that work very well within LumaFusion. So, the settings we would recommend for Handbrake are:

Format: MP4 file
Video Encoder: H.264 (x264)
Constant Quality: RF:22
Framerate: Same as source (constant frame rate selected)

Encoder Options:
Preset: Medium
Tune: None
Profile: Main or High
Level: 3.1
Additional Options: keyint=60

You'll need to type in the keyint=60 into the Additional Options text field. The actual value should be around 2 times the frame rate of the video (so, keyint=50 for a 25fps file). This will create a keyframe every 2 seconds, making seeking much better on iOS and in LumaFusion. You could also set to around 1 second (keyint=30 or keyint=25) for even better seeking, but it seems have diminishing returns and a larger file size.

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