What can I do if my project won't export? (iOS)

If your project will not export, go through this checklist of possible solutions. Please check and try your export after each procedure. 

  • [ ] Check that your device is updated to the latest versions of iOS and LumaFusion.
  • [ ] Force close all apps, then power off then back on the device. After restart, try the export again.
  • [ ] Check the storage space available on your device. In order to export, there needs to space available on the device to write your project.
    1. Check the file size of your project: Share/Export > Moving Settings > Export Info.
    2. Check iPhone/iPad Storage: Settings App > General > iPhone or iPad Storage.

      If you your project is larger than the amount of space on your device, or if size of the project gets close to hitting the GB limit of the device, you will need create space in order to export.

      This article goes through the steps on how to clear space on your device.

  • [ ]  Optimize and Consolidate can sometimes help with export. To Optimize and Consolidate your project:
  1. Open the Project Manager and highlight your project.
  2. Tap on the Funnel Icon on the bottom bar.
  3. Select 'Optimize and Consolidate' — this will make a duplicate of your project and optimize the media on the duplicated project, leaving your original project and media unchanged.
  • [ ] If you see an error message showing an Error at Time: [00:00:00], take note of that time. This may provide a good indication of where the problem is in the project. Often in this case, there may be a problematic clip just before or after the noted time, or there may be a transition or effect that's contributing to the problem.

    If an Error at Time is an issue, try removing possible problematic clips and exporting.

If after going through this checklist you are still unable to export, please contact us on our website at lumatouch.co/support. If possible, include the following information so that we can help you effeciently:

  • Indicate that you have tried the suggestions in this checklist.
  • If you see a pattern in at what point the export fails, please describe it.
  • If you are getting an error message on export, include a screenshot of it.
  • Indicate if your project crashes the app on export (you see the desktop).
  • If you suspect the export fail is due to not enough available space on the device, include the size of your project and the amount of space available on the device.

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